PitchMi is a revolutionary new service that enables writers and editors to connect. It will allow the right writers to get in front of the right editors, and allow editors to find the best new voices from anywhere in the world.

Identify, rate, target and directly pitch to the right editor. Keep all your pitches in one place, save time, get paid and focus on what is really important and make your life easier.
PitchMi. Making Pitch to Payment easy.

Pitch Mi

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Being a writer is a tough gig - we hear you. We've been there and have the battle scars to show it. Creating and crafting the copy is the easy bit - but all the other stuff you need to do before and after that sucks. Stuff like:

  • Identifying and chasing down the right commissioning editor 

  • Cultivating relationships with editors to understand what they like

  • looking for new ideas to pitch to them

  • Answering questions and making clarifications

  • Responding to editorial feedback and redrafting

  • Negotiating payment terms

  • Filing invoices and chasing up payments.

We know you guys are crying out for anything that can help make your lives easier and reduce all the boring stuff. This is where PitchMi comes in. This will be a service that will automate and simplify all of the above tasks and more, allowing you guys to focus on what you do best - write!




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As a Commissioning Editor, you guys are all at once celebrities, administrators, writers, judges and jugglers. We understand that you are subject to short deadlines, competing demands on your time and are invariably overworked, occupying the often unenviable position of stemming the onslaught of demands, requests, pitches, payments and negotiations with legions of regular and not-so-regular freelance contributors.

Invariably, your email inboxes become quickly congested, messages get missed, payments overlooked, and your typical working day can quickly become filled with firefighting and digging through masses of information to find the useful stuff you need just to do your job.

What if there was a better way? What if you could simply review and respond to pitches from a single easy interface that doesn't clutter up your inbox? What if all your communications on an article were kept together and you were sure your writers were getting paid on time every time? This is where PitchMi can add real efficiency gains to you and business value for the suits from day one.


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